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Karin Graduated from the Landscape Program at Radcliffe in 2000. 

She is a certified landscape designer.

Garden design is the art of harmonizing the orchestra of elements through a mindufully thought out journey through the space or land.   Whilst taking advantage of all the natural elements and creating the ultimate sanctuary.  It becomes  an exquisite garden room’ Using the broad pallette of plants, trees and shrubs. along with the incredible array of hardscape materials for walls, terraces and pools. Creating places to sit, contemplate, play, swim, dream and grow. Whether broad belvederes,  reflecting pools or fire pits. Designing spaces using the elements of water fire & art breathing new energy into the outer spaces. The possibilities are endless.  I like to create gardens with my clients that reflect style and passions in their life, connecting the inside with the outside. blending the formal and informal elements with combining hardscape, plants, structures, handpicked materials and art and aiming to achieve that ultimate goal of creating the ultimate outdoor room - garden. In the last few years, I have designed gardens at the New England Flower show, in North America from MA to CA, california from Ireland to northern Greece.

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